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Canadian women IT entrepreneur looking for our support – take a look September 4, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in News.

In May of this year, one of Fredericton’s successful senior IT executives, Mary Goggin, was part of a small number of Canadian women chosen to attend Tech Women Canada in Silicon Valley.  The request for participants for this unique opportunity was posted on our NBWICT blog in March.  Just to remind you of the intent of the week-long program, it was aimed at women in senior technology roles and women entrepreneurs who have shown high potential and promise in technology related sectors.  As a co-founder of Accreon and VP, Corporate Programs, Mary was obviously a great fit for the program.  Each participant chosen had the chance to explore business and career opportunities in one of the biggest ICT clusters in the world, Silicon Valley.  The Canadian women were paired with mentors at leading companies in Silicon Valley and gained training and skills in their specific area of expertise as well as professional guidance and support.  The mentorship then continued online for a period of up to three months.  The participants attended panels and workshops, and also connected with local industry stakeholders through a variety of networking events, concluding with a reception hosted by the Consul General of Canada. (more…)


Tech Needs Girls: World leaders draw up roadmap for female tech education and careers push May 14, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in News.
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The article below is a press release from the UN, dated April 26, issued to commemorate international ‘Girls in ICT Day’.  It turns out that  ‘Girls in ICT Day’ is a new annual event on the UN calendar, and is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in April. It was established through a formal Resolution at ITU’s four-yearly Plenipotentiary Conference in 2010.

This article shows that our concerns are indeed worldwide in scope. It would be nice if we could become world leaders in figuring this out.  We could plan on celebrating ‘Girls in ICT Day’ starting next year.  Thanks to Mary Clare White for passing this article along. (more…)

Sara Kirke Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, nominations deadline April 20, 2012 March 23, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in General Notices, News.
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CanWIT celebrates female entrepreneurship and innovation each year with the presentation of the Sara Kirke Award. Nominations are now open for 2012.

The Sara Kirke Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is presented to the woman who has shown the most outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership — leadership that has significantly expanded the frontiers of Canada’s advanced technology industry. The purpose of the Award is to celebrate innovation, entrepreneurship and create positive role models for women. For details please see http://www.catawit.ca/Mission_Vision/Sara_Kirk/ (more…)

Invitation from the Consulate General of Canada to participate in the TechWomen Canada Program! March 20, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in General Notices, March 2012, News.
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On behalf of the Consulate General of Canada, you are invited to apply for an exciting pilot program, TechWomen Canada.

The Techwomen Canada program aims to connect and support Canadian women in the Information and Communications Technology sector to their peers in Silicon Valley.  This outreach initiative will expose the Canadian women to the high growth and impact culture of the Valley which they can use to enhance their technology businesses and  careers. This five day program will take place in Silicon Valley the week from May 21st to May 25th.

The Canadian women will be paired with mentors at leading companies in Silicon Valley and gain training and skills in their specific area of expertise as well as professional guidance and support.  The mentorship will continue online for a period of up to three months. As a complement to the mentorships, the program will include components such as “Tech Talk” in the form of entrepreneurship panels and professional workshops. The participants will also connect with local industry stakeholders through networking events such as the Welcome reception, and the Tech Women Canada concluding reception with a keynote by a Valley luminary. (more…)

Profiling: Karina LeBlanc, ED of Pond-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship March 13, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in News, Profiles.

This is the first of our new series of profiling women in our industry. Please leave a comment if you like this idea or if you have suggestions for other women to profile. Or you can drop me a line at jane@unb.ca.


For Karina LeBlanc, executive director of the newly minted Pond-Deshpande Centre at UNB, entrepreneurship is about more than a business buzzword.

“Entrepreneurship, for me, is about innovation, taken from the idea stage to the market launch stage, generating a product or service that solves real problems,” she says.  Problems may be economic or they may be social, but the spirit of entrepreneurship is the same, she adds.

“It is essential to strip away all the buzzwords and catchy phrases around entrepreneurship if you want to engage individuals of all backgrounds, different organizations and diverse communities,” she says.

The Pond-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UNB aims to act as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in New Brunswick by facilitating collaboration among entrepreneurs, young companies, and students, faculty and alumni from universities and colleges across the province.

It will help both business and social entrepreneurs.  “Anyone can have a good idea, but only those few with the right combination of passion, leadership and mentorship can make an idea come to life.”  And that’s where the centre will help, she notes, by nurturing and supporting people who have that combination of ideas, skills and passion. (more…)

Executive MBA with Technology Focus – Are you Interested? March 6, 2012

Posted by Meaghan Seagrave in General Notices, News.
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New Brunswick’s growth agenda is going to be led by the technology sector in the next decade. We need bright, energetic, prepared leaders to usher in this new era.

It is now widely understood that a well-rounded technical and business education is a winning combination for future success.

The NB IT Council is working with UNB Saint John to deliver an Executive MBA cohort with a special focus on how to leverage technology to create wealth. Courses for the two year program will begin in October of 2012.

Originating in Saint John, the program will be delivered simultaneously on evenings and week-ends to major centres across the eastern Canada in person and via video-conference. Besides receiving a first-class degree in technology and business, you will work with your peer group from leading technology companies across the region. The cost is very competitive and you will have the unique advantage of a curriculum tailored for what matters most, now.

If you or your company is interested in participating please contact me before March 15th at Larry.Sampson@NBITC.CA. Openings are limited and are on a first-come first-serve basis, so time is of the essence.

The NBIT Council is the voice of New Brunswick’s IT sector, and is looking to drive growth, competitiveness and prosperity through Information Technology leadership.

NBIT Council and Rising Stars Announce the Class of 2012 March 2, 2012

Posted by Meaghan Seagrave in General Notices, News.
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The New Brunswick Information Technology Council  (NBITC) and Rising Stars are pleased to announce the launch of “The Class of 2012”, a program targeted at encouraging more of our youth to pursue careers in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The program will result in up to 25 high-school students from the 2012 graduating class to being given firm commitments of an ICT job on graduation from University or Community College, provided they complete a related degree or diploma.

The program is one of a series of measures the Council is taking to grow the ICT talent pool in the Province.  “With over 8,000 people already employed, and the sector growing at twice the rate of the economy as a whole, we need to grow supply if we’re to keep the jobs in the Province”, says Larry Sampson, CEO of the Council.   The “Class of 2012” is one element of a broader program.

This year’s participating companies are: Ambir, Accreon, Assumption LIfe, Bell Aliant, Medavie Blue Cross, CGI, ClinicServer, Innovation, Mariner, McCain, PQA, Spielo, Swift Radius, T4G, and TKS.

For more information on the program visit www.nbitc.ca.

NBICT Class of 2012 February 22, 2012

Posted by Meaghan Seagrave in General Notices, News.
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The NBITC will be following up on the success of the Class of 2011, with a Class of 2012.  The program will guarantee jobs to a select group of students graduating from New Brunswick highschools in 2012 provided they complete a relevant post-secondary degree or diploma.

The Class of 2012 will be virtually identical to the Class of 2011, which selected 25 students from across the Province, with the exception the Council is looking to increase the number of students selected.

Details on when and where students can apply will be published soon.  In the interim, the Council is would like to hear from organizations interested in participating.  Contact nbitc(a)nbitc.ca to start the dialogue.

NBITC and Rising Stars teaming up to provide mentoring to Class of 2011 February 22, 2012

Posted by Meaghan Seagrave in General Notices, News.
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The NBITC and Rising Stars are pleased to announce they will be teaming up to provide mentoring to students selected as part of the Class of 2011, and Class of 2012. The two organizations will work together to match individual students to mentors, refine Rising Star’s existing mentoring frame-work, and implement regular networking and coaching events for the two cohorts.

“While guaranteeing high-school students jobs in the tech sector through our Class of 2011 program was a great first step, we recognized we needed to do more to help prepare our youth for life in the digital economy”, said Larry Sampson, CEO of the NBITC. “ Working with Rising Stars, who have always had a coaching and mentoring focus, seemed a natural fit.”

According to Craig Gallant of Rising Stars, the partnership “expands the reach of the Rising Stars program while broadening the pool of potential mentors, which will be good for both the students and companies participating.”

Details on the mentoring program, as well as how to apply to Rising Stars – Class of 2012, will be announced shortly.


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