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Courage to Act Workshop – March 19 March 6, 2014

Posted by Jane Fritz in Event.

Opportunity to participate in A NEW Courage to Act™ (CTA™) PROGRAM!

Let’s spring into 2014 with a strong, fresh attitude!  Ambir’s Courage to Act™ (CTA™) programs are about inspiring women like you to reach out to other women for support as we build careers with impact.

We need to mentor each other, feed our passions and together create an Atlantic Canadian-wide network of committed, compassionate and courageous women leaders.

We get started March 19, 2014 in Fredericton and I’d like you to join us.  Ambir’s new CTA™ Step Up Your Leadership Series will debut at Kingswood Lodge with a special half-day workshop called ‘Get Out on a Limb’.

Join me, Karen MacDonald and our special guest, Marilyn Luscombe, NBCC President and CEO for an interactive workshop that will:

  1. Inspire you;
  2. Reveal something new about yourself;
  3. Deepen your leadership knowledge with our special mentorship boosters;
  4. Meet other focused women leaders and broaden your professional network; and,
  5. Commit to step up your leadership game!

This workshop series is being hosted by NBCC and made possible through financial support from NB Post- Secondary Education Training and Labour and Government of Canada.

For more information please see the attached invitation CTA Get Out on a Limb March 19 2014.  The cost is $75 (plus HST) and you can register online at Get Out on a Limb.



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