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NB Women in ICT Luncheon, Jan 29, noon – 1 pm, Brewbakers in Fredericton January 1, 2014

Posted by Jane Fritz in Event, January 2014.
NB Women in ICT Luncheon – on January 29th – please join us for lunch and discussions with Prof. Barbara Wasson.
This luncheon was originally planned for November and has been rescheduled to January 29th.
We encourage you all to come out to catch up with each other, make new acquaintances, and learn about how Norway has integrated ICT into their school curriculum and the impact this has had. Meet Barbara Wasson, one of our own UNB CS grads who has made exciting contributions to technology-based teaching and learning in Norway and the European Union. Let’s take this opportunity to learn from Barb’s experiences and observations and think about what we are doing – and should be doing – with technology-based learning in NB.
When: Wednesday January 29th,  noon – 1:00 p.m.
Where: Brewbakers (546 King Street, Fredericton, NB)
Speaker: Prof. Barbara Wasson
Topic: The Everyday Use of ICT in Education in Norway 
Norway has high expectations and ambitions with respect to the role of ICT in education. Digital literacy is one of five basic skills in primary and secondary education and the curriculum requires ICT to be used in all subjects, at all levels.  This has a strong impact on all aspects of education.  In this talk Prof. Wasson will discuss the role of ICT in educational in Norway touching upon policy, school organisation, teacher collaboration, teaching, and assessment.
Please let your female colleagues know about this event by sending them to our web blog: https://nbwict.wordpress.com/
Register for free: Attendees will be responsible for purchasing their lunch Brewbakers will be offering an Express Lunch Menu for our convenience. Please register so we know who are coming: http://doodle.com/8m37k7c3igtuzsa2
About Professor Wasson: Barbara Wasson, originally from Fredericton, is a full Professor of Information Science at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway, where she is leader of the Interaction Research Group. She is also Scientific Leader of InterMedia, Uni Health, Uni Research AS, and a founding partner of eNOVATE AS.  
Wasson serves regularly as an expert reviewer for the European Commission.  She was one of the founders of Kaleidoscope, a European Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning. She was an associate editor of the International Journal of Computer Support for Collaborative Learning during its first 8 years and now serves on its editorial board, and on the editorial boards of 4 other educational technology publications. 
As a Masters and Ph.D student in Canada she was involved in the design of pedagogical agents for content planning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems. Since moving to Scandinavia in 1991 Prof. Wasson has been involved in research on computer support for collaborative learning, mobile learning, learning games, interaction design, and ICT and assessment and is leading/has lead several Norwegian national ICT and learning projects. Within the University of Bergen Wasson has been active in the promotion of ICT and learning and has been involved in a number of internal projects focused on the design or evaluation of the use of ICT in university education.
Wasson has over 100 publications on Technology Enhanced Learning. Her research interests include interaction design, computer support for collaborative learning (CSCL), mobile learning, learning games, intelligent tutoring systems, e-assessment, teacher inquiry, learning analytics, and pedagogical agents. Her specialty is the design and evaluation of collaborative learning in distributed settings.
Looking forward to seeing everyone – please let us know you are coming by registering: http://doodle.com/8m37k7c3igtuzsa2


1. gegabe - January 29, 2014

Hi Darcy   I can’t find the doodle email for todays lunch – I have to pull out. I am ding a 60 work week this week and staying for the committee meeting yesterday meant I had to reschedule some things.   So sorry to not be able to make it this time.   Grace


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