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A special initiative – Career Champion Adopt a School Program September 13, 2013

Posted by Jane Fritz in Opportunity.
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This new initiative is a really exciting one, worth reading through to the end and then considering passing on to others in your company or calling Joyce MacEacheron yourself to get involved (contact info below). The NBIT Council has initiated this program to help teachers pioneer new curriculum and initiatives that will introduce students to the unlimited potential of technology.

What is involved?

NBIT Council will match interested Career Champs (you and/or others in your company) with a school that is located in their community, or nearby. These Champions will be a technical support system for teaching professionals to share knowledge and ideas, troubleshoot, and generally give them the confidence to succeed. In addition, they will have opportunities to inspire students directly in the classroom setting and by becoming involved in Computer Clubs at lunch time or after school.

What is the commitment?

The amount of time that Champions spend on the Adopt a School initiative can vary based on your interests and availability. However, as a minimum, we would ask you to commit to the following:

–    A few hours of “prep time” with the teachers as they get ready to present new curriculum

–    Visiting the school during instructional sessions for the duration of the unit. On average, this would be 1 hour/week, for 3-4 weeks.

–    Availability by e-mail to troubleshoot. For example, if a teacher is getting error messages that they do not understand, or if students pose challenging questions.

–    Helping to organize extracurricular Computer Clubs that will allow students extra time to develop their skills and interest in technology

–    Involvement with Demo Days, Science/Tech Fairs, etc.

The first phase of the planned new curriculum is largely based on coding with Scratch, but we expect that this will evolve and expand as teachers become more aware of the potential of including technology in their classes. Career Champions who participate in the Adopt a School program will have a hands-on opportunity to help shape and direct this evolution and, at the same time, to introduce our youth to really cool opportunities in IT!  And having women involved as Career Champions will help spread the word that IT is an excellent and fun career for women as well as men.

Are you interested?

Please contact Joyce MacEacheron at Joyce.MacEacheron@pqa.ca



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