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Outsourcing, the IT industry, and talk-show radio April 13, 2013

Posted by Jane Fritz in Uncategorized.

In case you didn’t hear an upsetting response from an IT “expert” Anna Maria Tremonte had with her on The Current this past Tuesday morning, you should know what he said. How do we get the word out that he is wrong? Or is the damage done for that particular audience, who has already heard that there is no future in IT?

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Why is it that I have to keep being reminded – over and over again – that much of what we read or hear in the media is missing context.  Why is it that I continue, year after year, to read interesting points in newspapers and magazines and parrot back their position – unless I know better?  Why is it that I hear stories on the radio and take them at face value, even though when it is about a subject with which I happen to have intimate knowledge I know that they don’t quite have it right?  In fact, sometimes they have it dead wrong.  Why is it that, despite the number of times I am given the lesson to take what you read and hear with a healthy dose of skepticism, I continue to believe?  I guess I’m a patsy.

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1. Laurie Dolhan - April 14, 2013

Hopefully those smart enough to pursue an IT career are smart enough not to believe everything they hear, even from “experts”. Of course, I hope that Ryerson University, his employer, takes an interest in his statements, particularly as it relates to its students and programs.

Jane Fritz - April 14, 2013

Thanks for your comments, Laurie. I hope exactly the same thing!

2. Meaghan Seagrave - April 23, 2013

I heard the shortened version on the news and they made little mention of Babin’s response – almost as if it were understood. We need to stand our grand and keep pushing forward for the sake of the sector.

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