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Will your child be the next successful entrepreneur? April 12, 2012

Posted by Jane Fritz in Uncategorized.

Folks, I posted the following to my own personal blog yesterday and thought maybe it would be food for thought for some – or all – of you regarding how to engage young children (especially girls) in the possibility of becoming (hopefully IT-oriented) entrepreneurs. I’ll be posting some further thoughts on this topic, which I could either repost on this site or you could follow on my robbyrobinsjourney site. I don’t want to bother you if it’s not your thing. Jane

Robby Robin's Journey

It is too bad that entrepreneurship is called entrepreneurship!  It is such a long word: difficult to spell, difficult to pronounce, and very difficult to explain to children.  But it’s important for children to know that being an entrepreneur is a viable and even desirable career option, and important to our society that this path is considered by our children and young people.

As someone who has been a salaried employee all of my life, and the daughter of people who were salaried employees all of their lives, I have watched with amazement and admiration as some of my former students have started their own companies.  Because of the line of work I’ve been in, these particular companies have focused on things like software product development, network security, and management consulting.  I am proud to say that these companies have evolved from exciting early start-ups to successful players with global…

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